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Obama, Biden campaign hat-sport ‘a symbol of hope’

Biden campaign hats have been a source of pride for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who have campaigned in their hometowns, but they have been increasingly criticized by supporters for wearing the same hats to other political events and in other states.The hats have also been criticized by people who

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How to get the flu from scratch

You can’t always be seen as a threat, but you don’t want to be seen that way, so you can’t help but get the inoculation from someone you know.If you’re looking for the perfect person to take a shot of influenza, here’s a guide on how to do it.First things

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Wearing a witch hat makes a man ‘really, really hot’

The head of the Scottish Women’s Sports Foundation says it makes a great hat for men who want to get out of the house, or to get a little exercise.The witch hat, which has a hood and a brim with a slit for eyes, was designed by a company in

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