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How to buy the best new Gucci hat

Gucci hats are a big hit at the moment.They’re expensive, and there’s an abundance of them in the UK.The company is also launching a new range of hats in 2017, with a variety of colours and styles.Gucci’s hat range is the biggest new product launch of 2017 and comes as

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Why Travis Mathew is so fucking hated in the MLB hats

It’s the perfect time to share the biggest hat you’ve ever bought in the world, and that is the Minnesota Twins’ Travis Mathews hat.It’s made of a soft, lightweight polyester fabric with a thick, textured headband that wraps around the head.It is one of the most hated hats in baseball

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What to expect at the 2017 Brisbane Olympics?

The Brisbane Winter Olympics have been a massive success and there are a lot of new things happening in the country in the coming months.The Olympic opening ceremony, which will take place on Friday, is one of the biggest events of the Games, with the opening ceremony set to be

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