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Putin’s hat is made in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official hat is now made in the country, after an initial shipment of 400 hats was seized from a warehouse in St. Petersburg last week.The Russian president’s office confirmed to CNNMoney that the hat was made in Moscow, and the price is $50.The hat, which bears

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How to make a derby hat

The phrase “Derby hat” has been used in an inflammatory way by racists for decades.This is because the term is so deeply embedded in the culture of sport.Racists believe that “derby” is a derogatory term used to describe anyone who wears a hat.The hat symbolizes pride and pride in one’s

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Why are Russian hats so expensive?

A Russian hat is a white or blue-grey woolen hat with a pointed cap.It has a rounded nose, a small brim, and a black border.The hat is worn in Russia for the festive season.A traditional Russian hat, like the one pictured, comes with a tin foil hat.Russian hats are also

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