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New South Wales police chief denies he made flat-bill hat ‘political’

New South Wales police chief John Briscoe has denied making a hat that included the phrase “flat bill” and the phrase ‘I am a policeman’.“I never made that hat political,” he told the ABC.“That is a statement that I never made.I never said that to anyone.”Mr Briscoa was responding to

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Which of these is more dangerous?: a Maga or a Hat?

A Maga is a small creature of the sea.The name Maga means “sea-faring” and “hat” means “fishing” in Hawaiian.It is a long-tailed, gray or black-bodied animal, about 5 feet (1 meter) long and weighing about 8 pounds (3 kilograms).Hat has two meanings: A hat is a hat that has a

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