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A new way to use the brain for your survival

A pair of new wearable technology is promising to save your life in the cold.The Mens Winter Hats are smart gloves that, when worn, will alert your companion to your surroundings, including if they are in a warm environment.The gloves are powered by a microprocessor which will also tell you

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How to wear your Winter Hats

By Steve Kim and Andrew BreinerNew York, NY–February 14, 2020–The Los Angeles Lakers will be wearing their new summer-weather style in their next home game on Thursday, Feb. 15 against the Houston Rockets.In addition to their new jerseys, the team will be unveiling a new logo, with a green silhouette

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Wearing a witch hat makes a man ‘really, really hot’

The head of the Scottish Women’s Sports Foundation says it makes a great hat for men who want to get out of the house, or to get a little exercise.The witch hat, which has a hood and a brim with a slit for eyes, was designed by a company in

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