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What do you think of the new L’Oréal beauty?

We’ve been treated to a slew of new Lidl products in the past week, and the latest is L’Oreal’s Beauty Basics line, a mix of products that have been around for decades.It’s no surprise that the range is set to become a huge hit with consumers and fashionistas alike.But what

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Burberry hat is the ultimate underarm hat

Under Armour, the iconic fashion company, is bringing back the Burberry Under Armour Hat.The Under Armour Under Armour hat is a unique style of Under Armour footwear.Under Armour and Burberry have teamed up for this hat, which is the first hat to feature a “burberry” logo on the back.The hat

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Why are Russian hats so expensive?

A Russian hat is a white or blue-grey woolen hat with a pointed cap.It has a rounded nose, a small brim, and a black border.The hat is worn in Russia for the festive season.A traditional Russian hat, like the one pictured, comes with a tin foil hat.Russian hats are also

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