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Obama, Biden campaign hat-sport ‘a symbol of hope’

Biden campaign hats have been a source of pride for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who have campaigned in their hometowns, but they have been increasingly criticized by supporters for wearing the same hats to other political events and in other states.The hats have also been criticized by people who

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How to Wear Your Own Bucket Hat in a Week of Winter in Japan

The bucket hat is the ultimate accessory in Japan, and the popularity of the hat has gone up over the past few years.The bucket head is traditionally worn as a hat and is used in many everyday situations, such as for entertaining.The hat is often worn as the headgear for

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How to put the hats on your head in case you lose them

The best hat in the world can be a lifesaver if it gets lost or stolen.If you lose your hat in a fit of mischief, a new hat can be the perfect replacement.Here are the top hats that you can buy online right now.

What is the best hat for nerds?

It’s the summer of ’77.My friend and I have been playing a game called Scrabble for a few months.We’re not sure if it’s supposed to be fun or not, but it’s not hard to tell.Ikea’s Bucket Hat has always been a favorite of mine.In the past few years, I’ve worn

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