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How to choose a hat with a good hat fit

The latest issue of Football Italian offers a series of tutorials on how to choose the best hat for each occasion.The first, titled ‘The Perfect Hat’, is for a male to wear when the weather is good.The hat with the highest head circumference will also look good in the summer.The

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Hats from the Black Bucket Hat’s creator: Carhartt

A few years ago, Carhartts hat design had a very particular twist.When the designer was in the process of designing a new black bucket hat, she wanted to make sure she had something that looked like a bucket.So she got a couple of pieces from an old bucket hat and

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How the MLB got its own uniform in 2016

With the MLB season about to begin, MLB teams are getting ready to take the field on Thursday.The first batch of MLB players are headed to a training camp in Florida to get some first-hand experience.As the team previews their uniforms, here are a few things you should know about

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