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The ‘hate speech’ laws ‘are killing us’

The law which criminalises ‘hate’ speech was put in place by the Australian Government to tackle the growing problem of violent extremism.Now the ACT’s Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, has labelled the legislation “a total disaster”.“It is a total disaster,” he said.This is about punishing people who say things that are

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How to make a derby hat

The phrase “Derby hat” has been used in an inflammatory way by racists for decades.This is because the term is so deeply embedded in the culture of sport.Racists believe that “derby” is a derogatory term used to describe anyone who wears a hat.The hat symbolizes pride and pride in one’s

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How the World’s Largest Hat Changed History

Hat of the century.The largest hat in the world.Hat with a history of making history.It’s a hat that will be worn by many, one way or another.Hat of a thousand generations.The hat of a hundred years of history.The first hat to make history.And the hat that changed the world in

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