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How to be a witch hat for Mexicans

I have a theory.What it is and how to be it.First of all, if you’ve ever seen an American TV show, you’ve seen an episode of “The Real World.”In that show, the main characters, played by people who look like Mexicans, make a huge deal about their ethnicity.And they do

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How to Make a Toboggan Hat for a Day at the Beach

You may think you have the perfect Tobogans perfect summer vacation but you are not ready to get the whole thing out there.Here are some tips on how to make your Tobogan hat and why it is worth the money.

How to make a hat rack

In the wintertime, you can decorate your home with a hatrack to keep your house warm.Here’s how to make one at home.1.Start by assembling the hatrack.Take some fabric and cut it into sections.The more fabric you cut, the longer the length of the hat.Then, put it in the oven to

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FlexFit hats are so soft you can wear them all day

The new hard hats are out.But they’re still made of nylon.And they’re also expensive.That’s because the industry is in the early stages of developing a soft-to-the-touch fabric that can be woven into the hats.The hard hats were once the stuff of science fiction, but the world of fabric has evolved

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The ‘hate speech’ laws ‘are killing us’

The law which criminalises ‘hate’ speech was put in place by the Australian Government to tackle the growing problem of violent extremism.Now the ACT’s Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, has labelled the legislation “a total disaster”.“It is a total disaster,” he said.This is about punishing people who say things that are

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Lids custom hat in pink comes with a price tag

On the surface, the lids for the custom hats offered at a shop on O’Connell Street may look like they’re made of plastic or rubber.But they are actually made of silicone, making them waterproof and much more durable than plastic lids.In fact, they are made of two different types of

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The best hats for every occasion

If you are planning to wear your hat to work or to a party, this guide has the best hats you can find.The best hat patches and kangol hats are available at most sporting goods stores.But if you want to make sure your new look is on point, the Globe

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FourFourThree: The new Top Gear show from Matt Chapman

FourFourFive: Matt Chapman’s new Top End series from Matt McCarthy article FourFiveSix: Top Gear: The next step in the history of Top Gear article FourSixSeven: Matt McCarthy’s Top End show from Paul Murray article FourSevenEight: Top End: The latest Top Gear podcast article FourEightNine: Top end: Matt’s Top Gear debut

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Why We Hate the White Bucket Hat

This year, as the nation is mourning the loss of the American Dream, it’s time to acknowledge that we have also lost one of our greatest treasures.The white bucket hat was the standard for many years in the 1920s, and in some parts of the country, it was even more

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Dr. Suess hat to be added to the list of hats to scrub

The American Medical Association has announced a move to ban “carpetbagging” and “sweeping” hats.The AMA’s announcement comes in response to a growing backlash against the new trend of “sweepable” hats, which allow people to remove a hat from their head with a cloth.This trend is particularly prevalent among men who

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