How to make a derby hat

The phrase “Derby hat” has been used in an inflammatory way by racists for decades.This is because the term is so deeply embedded in the culture of sport.Racists believe that “derby” is a derogatory term used to describe anyone who wears a hat.The hat symbolizes pride and pride in one’s

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Burberry hat is the ultimate underarm hat

Under Armour, the iconic fashion company, is bringing back the Burberry Under Armour Hat.The Under Armour Under Armour hat is a unique style of Under Armour footwear.Under Armour and Burberry have teamed up for this hat, which is the first hat to feature a “burberry” logo on the back.The hat

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Dr. Suess hat to be added to the list of hats to scrub

The American Medical Association has announced a move to ban “carpetbagging” and “sweeping” hats.The AMA’s announcement comes in response to a growing backlash against the new trend of “sweepable” hats, which allow people to remove a hat from their head with a cloth.This trend is particularly prevalent among men who

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How the Kardashians’ hat became the biggest meme of 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) If you’ve watched the Kardashian household since the start, you’ve probably seen at least one of these: The hat.The hat of choice for the Kardashies.The hats worn by the Kardashia clan, who live in Los Angeles, in their homes and on their public Instagrams.It’s a popular choice in

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What’s next for the Florida Gators?

Florida’s offense may have been on the rise, but it was also dealing with an injury problem in the backfield.Florida’s backfield is not healthy.The Gators’ first-year quarterback will be starting this week in the debut game of his career against Auburn.“It’s an opportunity for us to show what we can

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What to know about John Deere hats

John Deering’s big-wig company, Deere, has launched a line of hats that feature a custom John DeERE logo.Deere is a major player in the agriculture industry, with products ranging from meat to grain to construction materials.Deere recently announced plans to introduce its first animal-friendly tractor, and it plans to release

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Which cowboy hat styles are the best?

We all have cowboy hats, but which ones are the most appropriate for the weather?And how do you make the best out of a pair?CBC’s Laura Thompson, with help from The Globe and Mail’s Robyn Kessel, answers those questions and more.The hat styles: The best hat styles for the season