Why does your white bucket head make you fat?

The answer: white.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, white people are more likely to be overweight and obese.White people are also more likely than other races to smoke, drink and eat junk food.White women are also far more likely, in general, to be obese and overweight, according

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What’s next for the Dad Hats?

Dad hats.You know that thing you’ve been carrying around all day and you just love wearing?It’s your Dad hat.But as the seasons go on and kids grow up, dads get to have a bit more control over their appearance, which means the Dad Hat might be getting a bit less.A

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How to make your own cute bucket hat

Here’s how to make the most adorable bucket hat for yourself. A cute, simple, and wearable hat is perfect for summer, especially when you’re at home and your kids can’t help but ask if you have one on.The basic idea is to make a beanie hat with a little bit of

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WNBA players to wear hats in new uniforms

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) on Thursday announced it will allow players to choose the color of their team’s uniform from a list of 40 available colors.The new rule will take effect on March 15, meaning players will be able to choose from a variety of color schemes, including

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How to wear your Winter Hats

By Steve Kim and Andrew BreinerNew York, NY–February 14, 2020–The Los Angeles Lakers will be wearing their new summer-weather style in their next home game on Thursday, Feb. 15 against the Houston Rockets.In addition to their new jerseys, the team will be unveiling a new logo, with a green silhouette

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How to Wear Your Own Bucket Hat in a Week of Winter in Japan

The bucket hat is the ultimate accessory in Japan, and the popularity of the hat has gone up over the past few years.The bucket head is traditionally worn as a hat and is used in many everyday situations, such as for entertaining.The hat is often worn as the headgear for

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When you’re a man, you’re only half a man

A new survey finds that men tend to wear shorter haircuts when they play golf.But what about a man wearing a golf hat?The survey, carried out by the National Golf Research Centre (NGR), a government-funded organisation, found that men generally prefer shorter haircues.It was found that golfers preferred a “soft,

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How to get a cowboy hat with a hat quiz

I know that hats with the cowboy on it are the most popular.That’s because they’re so fun to wear and look great.But if you’re looking for a great option for winter hats, here are a few tips to help you decide which cowboy hats are right for you.

How to find a snake with a hat on its head

I have always loved snakes with hats on their heads.It’s an ancient way of communicating that they have friends and family and that they are a special family.The hats are worn by snakes in a number of countries, and it’s believed that the hats are part of a magical ritual

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