Which hat should you wear to Israel’s war on terror?

If you are looking for a way to honor Israel’s soldiers and protect Israel from terrorists, look no further than this hats and sunglasses giveaway.

The hats and glasses are available for sale at the Jerusalem-based online marketplace Haifa Hat Shop.

They have been on sale for over a month, and the hats are priced at 5,000 shekels ($160).

Haifa is a hub for Arab and Israeli businesses and residents alike, and Haifa’s large Arab population has made it an important market for the Haifa-based shop.

The Haifa shop is also home to a number of Israeli and Arab-owned businesses, including a coffee shop, an ice cream shop, a bakery, and a barber shop.

Haifa Shop owner Zaid Khedron told The Jerusalem Report that the hats and goggles were part of a program to honor the soldiers of the Israeli military who have been killed or wounded in the war on terrorism.

“The hats were created in honor of the Israelis who have fallen on the frontlines of fighting terrorism,” Khedrons head of marketing told The Report.

“There are many hats in the store, including one for each Israeli soldier who has fallen in the past.”

Khedror explained that the company also sold hats for the soldiers who died while serving in the Gaza Strip.

“We have many hats available for you to choose from and you can choose between three different sizes and colors,” Kherron said.

“This is a way for the store to recognize our soldiers who have died fighting terrorism in the region.”

The Haifi Hat Shop’s website states that the store sells hats for both men and women, but does not list the gender of the hats sold.

Haaretz reported that the Haifi Shop sells hats from the IDF and Israeli Special Forces.

Hailemariam Barakat, a local resident of the Haifes neighborhood, said that she has a large number of hats available in her neighborhood.

“I am happy to see Haifa Hats, which I can wear with pride,” Barakatt told Haaretz.

“All the hats have their own colors, their own designs, and their own names, and I think it is a beautiful symbol for our city.”

Barakats children enjoy seeing the hats on their kids, and she also sees them on their parents.

“Every day when I go to school, I always take my kids to the Haifeys shop, and every time, they bring me a hat with a star on it,” Baraks mother told Haifa Report.

In addition to the hats, Haifa shops also sell sunglasses and hats for sale, including for women, men, and children.

“It’s so nice to have a hat, a scarf, a helmet, and an eye mask that we can wear wherever we go,” Barakov told Haifedaily Report.

She said that the shops also sells other hats, including those for men, women, and kids.

“These hats are a symbol of courage and of hope for the future of our city,” Baras told Haifeedaily report.

The Israeli military has targeted Palestinian civilians with indiscriminate attacks.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has reported that Israeli forces have fired over 400 rockets into the Gaza strip since August and that more than 150 Palestinians have been injured.

A separate OCHA report, published in June, also documented over 20,000 civilian casualties, including more than 3,000 children, in Gaza since 2007.

Israeli Defense Forces have also bombed schools and hospitals in the Strip, and Israeli airstrikes have struck a number, including schools in the Jabalia neighborhood, in addition to residential areas.

Haifeer’s shop sells a number items related to the war in Gaza, including hats, scarves, scarfs, scarf-tipped pens, and scarfs.

Haifet has also offered hats to the public, including the IDF soldier who died in the battle for Gaza.

The shop sells hats, sunglasses, hats, and other products for Haifa and its citizens.

“At HaifaHatShop.com, we offer a wide variety of hats, glasses, and accessories, so that you can wear them proudly,” Haifa Shops owner Khedr Soltan told The JPost.

“You can order your own Hats and glasses at the shop, or buy them on HaifaHats.com and ship them to your home or workplace.

And we also offer a selection of sunglasses for men and a selection for women.”