When you can wear a hat in NHL, you can also wear one in the NHL game

The NHL has announced that it is planning to make the NHL uniform a little bit different this season.

As part of a plan to make it a little more authentic, they’re planning on adding some hats.

“We’ve been working on this for some time now,” NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Jeff Blashill said at a press conference this morning.

“We’ve worked on the concept of hats for a long time.

We’ve talked to a lot of hockey players.

We understand that hats are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game and we want to try and make hats as authentic as possible.

We’re going to have some hats that will be available for you to wear in the National Hockey League, and some hats will be sold in the league.”

In addition to the new hats, the league is also introducing a new uniform.

This year, they’ve added a new jersey to the NHL logo that is the same as the one they debuted last year.

The NHL will also be adding new hats and jersey colors.

“There are some new colors on the jerseys that we’re excited about,” Blashillo said.

“They’ll be a little lighter and a little darker than last year’s jerseys.

We think the jersey colors look really good.

The way they’re going about it is to bring the league into the modern era.””

I think we’re really going to see a lot more hockey players wearing hats in the next couple of years,” said Blashilla.

“That is going to be exciting.”

The hats are also available in two other styles, and they’ll be available in a few other sizes.

In addition to a new design for the new jerseys, they also introduced the new Hockey Sweat Hat.