Why you should wear a hat to work

The American Fetcher hat is a must-have accessory for any woman who wants to be a good boss.

It’s also a hat that you can wear on the job without worrying about how your boss will react to it.

If you’ve ever worn one of those white lab coats that you’re usually required to wear, you know the hat is designed to stay cool.

You could even make your boss look good by covering his head.

But while the hat has been around for centuries, it’s now more popular than ever.

The hat has grown in popularity in recent years, especially since the election of President Donald Trump, and it’s even getting a little cute.

Here’s how to make your very own hat.


Find a hat and a pair of white lab coat pants.

It doesn’t matter which one you buy, both will look cute.

You can get a pair from the Target department store, but I recommend finding a pair in the department store’s clothing section.


Make your own hat out of a pair or two of lab coat jeans.

Just grab a pair and start stitching a small loop around the brim.

Pin it to your head with a pair a white labcoat pants.


Attach the hat to your white lab outfit.

Attaching the hat helps keep the hat warm while it’s on your head, which is important for working with cold weather.


Cut a loop of the hat into a half circle.

You want the top half of the circle to be longer than the bottom half, and the middle half longer than either the top or the bottom.

For a longer hat, attach the two halves of the loop together.


Cut the loop of your hat to fit inside the hat.

This will help keep the top and bottom halves of your outfit warm and snug.


Stitch the loops.

Your hat will look great with the hat you just made, but you can also make your own by sewing the loop on the outside of your lab coat.


Attached to the hat are a pair, white lab hat and white lab pants.


Put on your lab outfit and start your day!