What do you think of the new L’Oréal beauty?

We’ve been treated to a slew of new Lidl products in the past week, and the latest is L’Oreal’s Beauty Basics line, a mix of products that have been around for decades.

It’s no surprise that the range is set to become a huge hit with consumers and fashionistas alike.

But what do you know about these Lidls?

We’ve put together a quick rundown of some of the key features of these lids, and why you might want to consider picking one up.

Firstly, Lidlon’s cosmetics are made from plant-based ingredients, including coconut oil, palm oil and safflower oil.

This makes them healthier and less toxic than the more conventional cosmetics, but it’s a hefty price tag for a single product, and it comes with a big price tag of its own.

Second, the Lid lids are designed to be washed with warm water and then dried, giving them a longer shelf life than other lids.

Third, the lids use a unique polymer in the form of titanium dioxide to retain moisture and provide extra cushioning.

Finally, the packaging of the Lids are very stylish and are meant to be worn around the home, with an angled, curved design.

Lidl’s Beauty Details LidLidLids are available in four colours: Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

Blue is the lightest colour, while Green and Red are more likely to be used by people who don’t wear makeup regularly.

Lids come in three different sizes: a medium, a large and a XL.

The medium is about the size of a baby’s nose, and can be used for a wide range of products, including face scrubs, eye creams and body scrubs.

Lids come with a full-size applicator for each size, which you can use to apply the product on your face or apply to your hands.

LipsLid lashes are a new addition to the range.

The lids have a more rounded shape than previous lids to help them look more natural and flattering.

They are made of synthetic materials, so they will stay on longer, but the lashes have a softer feel than previous styles.

The hair laces can also be adjusted for the length you want.

The Lids range includes two shades of Lid, with different shades available in each size.

The Lid Lid is the most affordable, offering a full size applicator that is the same size as the Lide Lid.

The shade Lid B is slightly pricier, but comes in a full sized applicator.

Lide Lids can be purchased in six shades: Aqua, Violet, Red, Black, Blue and Pink, and are available from September 10.

L’Olive Drinks LidIt’s not a brand new product, but this new range of Lids from L’Ocean have been in the news for quite some time now.

The new range is called the L’Orange Lid and it’s basically the same as the Blue Lid in that it is a gel-like product.

It also comes with two shades, Aqua and Violet.

LlidLlids are also available in two shades: Purple and Pink (pictured above), which comes in six colours: Aqua and Orange, Red & White, Blue & Pink and Pink & Aqua.

Lidlls are a gel and a lanolin-based gel, and you can apply the lid on your skin with the applicator, which is a bit tricky because it doesn’t have a base.

LipsticksLid lipsticks are also a new product.

The Lipsticks range consists of six shades, including two shades in the Pink shade.

There are also three shades in Black and two shades Pink & Pink.

LinerLiner is the new lip product that Lid has been hyping up in the press recently.

This new liner comes in two colours: Pink and Purple, and is available from October 11.

Liners are a bit of a novelty in terms of cosmetics right now, as most people don’t want to spend an extra £50 on a new lipstick.

But the Liner Lid offers a really nice, lightweight product that can be applied to your lips and lipside, without needing to remove it.

The lipstick lids will keep the luscious pink and blue colour from wearing off, and also give a really shiny finish to the lips.

There are two shades available: a Pink & Black shade and a Pink&Purple shade, which comes with an applicator and a lip liner.

Liner lids can also have a matte finish, but you’ll need to use a lip brush to achieve a matte look.

LashesLid eyelashes are the newest additions to the Luid range, with a new design.

The eyelashes come in a range of colours: Red, Purple, Blue, Pink and Orange