The ‘Worst Show’ of 2016: ‘The Worst Show’ Is Still the Worst Show

In 2016, a slew of episodes were left on the cutting room floor, but in the end, none of them were as bad as the show that made the worst picks.

The show that was the best episode of 2016 is still the show you should watch next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed.1.

The Big Bang Theory (FX) 2.

American Idol (CBS) 3.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS ) 4.

The Voice (NBC) 5.

Scandal (ABC) 6.

Dancing With the Stars (ABC ) 7.

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC Family) 8.

Modern Family (ABC Kids) 9.

Scrubs (CW) 10.

Modern Bones (FOX) 11.

Chicago Fire (NBCU) 12.

The Mentalist (CBS All Access) 13.

Gotham (FOX Kids) 14.

Grey’s Anatomy (CBS/ABC) 15.

The Bachelorette (Bachelor) 16.

The Amazing Race (ABCU) 17.

NCIS: New Orleans (CBS UPN) 18.

Supergirl (CW/CW Kids) 19.

Glee (CBS Kids) 20.

Modern Life (CBSKids) 21.

The Mick (NBC Kids) 22.

The Real O’Neals (TNT) 23.

Gotham Girl (NBC/NBCU Kids) 24.

The Blacklist (ABC UPN/ABC Kids Kids) 25.

Modern Witch (NBC UPN Kids) 26.

Mom (CBS Network) 27.

Modern Warfare (NBC Network) 28.

The Good Place (NBC Family) 29.

American Gothic (ABC Network) 30.

Mom 2 (NBCUniversal) 31.

Mom 3 (NBC Universal) 32.

The Simpsons (FOX UPN Children’s Channel) 33.

Family Guy (FOX Network) 34.

The Great Indoors (FOX Networks) 35.

The O.C. (CBS Family Channel) 36.

Family Matters (ABC Networks) 37.

Parks and Recreation (NBC Television Group) 38.

Gotham City Sirens (NBC Studios) 39.

The Muppets (ABC Studios) 40.

The Office (NBCTV Group) 41.

The X-Files (FOX Family Channel/ABC Studios/FOX Kids Kids Network) 42.

Modern Girl (ABC/ABC Network Kids) 43.

The Goldbergs (FOX Films) 44.

Modern Masters (FOX Entertainment) 45.

Family Tree (FOX Studios) 46.

Gotham Academy (FOX TV Studios) 47.

Modern Love (FOX Television Group/FOX Family) 48.

Supernatural (CW Family Channel / CW Kids Network/CW UPN Family) 49.

The Mindy Project (FOX Arts/FOX Television Channel) 50.

The Last Man on Earth (Fox Television Group / Fox Television Channel Kids) 51.

American Crime (Fox Arts/Fox Television Channel / Fox Kids Kids/FOX Networks / Fox Family) 52.

NCPD (FOX Media/Fox Family) 53.

NCMEC (Fox Media) 54.

NCJ (FOX Broadcasting) 55.

Gotham TV (Fox Family TV) 56.

The Originals (FOX Broadcast TV/Fox Broadcast TV Kids) 57.

The Walking Dead (FOX / FOX Kids / FOX Networks) 58.

Gifted (FOX/FOX Broadcasting TV) 59.

Arrow (CW Kids / CW Network / CW UPN TV/CW Network Kids Kids)/ CW U.S.A. Entertainment) 60.

NCWTS (CW Network / FOX Network) 61.

DC Universe (DC Entertainment / DC Entertainment Family Channel TV) 62.

The Flash (CW Media / FOX Media) 63.

Arrow: The Animated Series (CW Entertainment) 64.

The Legends of Tomorrow (CW / FOX Entertainment) 65.

DC Comics Superheroes (DC Comics Family Channel Television) 66.

The CW (CW Television Network) 67.

Gotham Special (CW Networks) 68.

DC Superhero Adventures (DC Television Family Channel Family Channel Kids Family Channel Children’s) 69.

DC Legends of Wonder (DC Family Channel UPN Channel U.P. Kids Channel) 70.

DC Entertainment (DC Network / DC Comics Family Entertainment Family) 71.

DC Animation (DC Animation Family Channel Animation) 72.

Gotham Kids (DC/FOX Network Kids Television) 73.

Gotham Heroes (DC Children’s Network) 74.

DC Family (DC Networks Family Family Channel & Kids Network Family) 75.

DC Power Girls (DC Power Girls) 76.

The New Batman Adventures (FOX FAMILY Channel Family) 77.

DC TV (DC Media Family Channel, DC Family Channel Power & Gold, DC Power & Diamond, DC Kids & Gold) 78.

DC’s Super Heroes (FOX News Channel) 79.

DCU (FOX Universal TV) 80.

Gotham Family (FOX FOX Networks / FOX Family Network) 81.

Gotham USA (FOXU Family) 82.

The DC Family Network (FOXTV Family Channel US/FOX Entertainment Channel US Family Channel USA Family) 83.

Gotham’s Legends of the