How to Dress Like Chris Rock in 2018

Chris Rock was one of the biggest names in music when he took the stage at The Super Bowl on Feb. 5, 1991.

The singer and actor made history when he became the first to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rock became the star of the show, but he was also the star in the making.

He was born in New York, but grew up in the Irish countryside.

He went on to become an Academy Award winner, Grammy winner and a Grammy winner.

In 2018, Rock was invited to wear a black bucket to the Super Bowl in honor of Black History Month.

His hat, which he was given by a friend, is a nod to the late singer and his hometown, Cork.

The hat is available for purchase on eBay and was the subject of a new interview with Rock, who said the hat was “not meant to be political, but it was a hat for myself.”

Rock, 58, who died Thursday, was also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

His “Hail to the Chief” song has become a popular anthem for Black people.

But Rock also had a political side.

Rock is one of a few celebrities to have endorsed President Donald Trump, who also wears a black hat during his political rallies.

In an interview with NPR, Rock said he has no plans to wear the hat during the inauguration.

“I don’t think I’ll wear it during my inauguration,” he said.

“No, no.

I’m not going to do that.”