Top five favourite hats from the UK – Top 10

Top five favourites from the United Kingdom are:The hat is a key part of many Scottish accents, and is often worn by people of the Scots-Irish, Welsh-Caribbean and Welsh-English background.

The hat’s popularity has been fuelled by the number of people in Scotland who are now wearing it as they look for a way to express their identity.

It is also worn by a range of ethnic groups, including Scots-English, Scots-Hindi, Welsh, Irish-Irish and English-British.

Image copyright ThinkstockImage caption Scottish accents have gained popularity in recent yearsBut it’s also been used in other ways, including by people who identify as Scottish or English and who identify with different ethnic backgrounds.

The popularity of the hat has been largely attributed to the fact that it is an easy way to identify with one’s own ethnic background.

People can wear it to celebrate special occasions or to wear it on the street to show solidarity.

And it’s easy to get the right hat for your own identity.

Here are the top five favourites.1.

The Scots-Fur Coat: This is the most popular Scottish hat, and can be worn by anyone of any ethnicity.2.

The Welsh-Fulmer’s Hat: This hat was created by a Welsh-born Scottish businessman and first sold in the 1920s.3.

The Black-and-White Hat: Scottish-born and bred men often wear this hat to show they identify with their country and their ethnic heritage.4.

The Scottish-English Hat: Many Scots-speaking people prefer this hat, which was first worn by an English-speaking man in 1891.5.

The Celtic-Folk Hat: The Scottish hat is often made from a mixture of wool, linen and cotton.

Image caption The Scottish Highland Highland Furs coat is worn by some ethnic groups but is not popular among all.

It has been used by Scottish-speaking and Scottish-sounding people since the Middle Ages.

However, it is also used by those who identify more with English-speakers.

It’s easy for people of Scottish descent to find the right colour and style for their own, as there is no shortage of available colours and styles.

Image: BBC ScotlandImage caption Celtic-style hats are popular with some ethnic communities but are not popular with all ethnic groups.

Image/BBC Scotland/BBC/GettyImages: BBCScotland/GettyImage caption Some ethnic groups use Celtic-themed hats, while others wear traditional English-style ones.

Image courtesy BBC ScotlandThe Scottish-Irish hat is more popular with ethnic groups than the Scottish-British one, although many people of this ethnic background still choose the Scottish one.

It was originally made by a Scots-born Irishman in the 18th Century.

Image via BBC Scotland/Getty ImagesImage: Getty ImagesImage copyright Getty ImagesIt’s also a popular hat for those who live in Scotland but have their roots elsewhere.

It comes in a range from green and brown to blue and grey, and some of the most widely worn colours are yellow, orange and white.

Some ethnic groups have a different take on the style, with the Black- and White Hat being one of the more popular ones.

It can also be worn in other languages such as Welsh and Irish, but some people of Irish descent prefer the Scottish version.

Image © Getty Images/Brent Jones/Getty Image caption The Irish-Foil Hat is worn more often by Irish-speaker people than by people from the other ethnic groups and the Welsh-Horse Hat is a popular Scottish-style hat.

Image – BBC Scotland