New Sailor Moon: Serenity Hat Exclusive for February 25th on Amazon!

Amazon has officially announced that the first two Sailor Moon collectible Sailor Moon hat sets for February are available on Amazon for a limited time only!

This is great news for Sailor Moon fans who are excited to have this limited edition hat set, which comes with the new Sailor Moon Serenities hat. has also announced that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Hat will be available on January 31st on its own.

You can pre-order the Sailor Moon hats on Amazon here: moon source MTV (UK), MTV News, Amazon (UK)-January, 25, 2017, (UK-USA) You’re also in luck for the Sailor Mercury Serenices Hat, which is also available on the site.

Sailer Mercury Sirens Hat, available on December 31st, is available now for $17.95 on Amazon.

(Amazon-USA), Sailers Sereniges Hat, coming on January 1st, will be $20.99 on Amazon (USA) with free shipping.

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