How to make your own cowboy hat drawing with your own photos

I have some cowboy hats for sale, but I want to make them cute.

This post explains how.


Pick a hat and its head.

A hat with an open brim, which can be an easy way to draw a horse’s head is a good idea, as its pretty easy to do.

You could also try to find a hat with a narrow brim, but if its the same size as your horse’s hair, then its just going to be a bit hard to draw.

I have also found that I can draw my hat without having to put a hat band on, but there is one trick that I would recommend if you want to get the hat to look like its horse’s ears: pick up the horse, then pull it towards you.

You’ll see it look more like its ears, and the hat will have a little wiggle at the end.

If you don’t have the time to take the horse’s leg, you can also use a string or a rope to hold it, and then draw the hat on your horse.


Get your horse to pose for you.

If its a very cute hat, its time to get it to pose.

I use a picture frame, a cardboard box, a wooden stool, and a large piece of paper.

I take a picture of the hat and use the photo as a guide to draw the horse on the cardboard box.

When I draw the head of my horse, its a good thing because you’ll need to put the hat band back on after you get your picture.


Paint it with a marker.

You can do this by using a paintbrush, or just paint the entire hat.

Paint the head and ears as you go, then finish it with your marker.


Cut a hole in the hat, and stick the tip of the marker through.

The tip of your marker will go through the hole and make a hole, and when you get to the other side of the hole, it will stick the point of the arrow through the whole hat.

If it doesnt, then the hat isnt going to fit through the hat hole.

If thats the case, just make another hole and start over.

 To do this, I took my horse and started walking around the yard, and put a big marker on the grass.

The first thing I noticed was that I didnt have a hat on, so I had to take my hat off.

I then started to draw on the marker, and my horse started to pull me towards the tree.

When he didnt stop pulling me, I put a bit of paint on his head, and began to paint the horse.

He wasnt very happy, but the whole thing was so cute, I wanted to keep going.

The whole time, I was getting the hat up, so its a bit messy and I didnt want it to fall off, so when I finished the hat drawing I removed the marker and put it back on.

It was a nice result, and I was happy to have a good picture.

The next time I made it, I started to work on the tail, but as the day progressed, I realized that its more of a horse-head-type hat, so instead of just painting it with my marker, I also had to get some more paint on it.

This time, its the hat that would be the most useful to draw, and its also a good size.

When I got to the end, its really important to get your horse close enough to the head that its hard to miss, and that is why I got a nice close up of his head.

You dont want to draw your head out of the head too far away from the horse when you do this.

This hat drawing was so fun to do and was a great example of my cowboy hat techniques.

I cant wait to draw some more cowboy hats soon, because I just love making them.