How to dress like an old man in this jobe hat

It’s the summer of 1970, and the weather is bad.

But the young singer-songwriter and actress Joan Jett is getting a new look: the look of a seasoned old man.

Joan Jette and Jette & Jett will host a fashion show at New York Fashion Week on Saturday, May 5.

In the past, Jette has worn her old-man look to work at The Academy of Country Music Awards and on her show, Joan Jetta &amp.

Jette, and her husband Joe Jett.

(AP Photo/Michael G. Loccisano)Jette &amps.

Jett &amp.; Jette is a show that’s become an icon for the country music world and has become a model for fashionistas and a symbol of the changing face of the American music industry.

Jettes career is so famous that it spawned a song, “The Jette Show,” by Joe Jette.

In her new show, Jett shares her personal stories, her favorite country music moments and her favorite hat designs, as well as her favorite outfits.

Jetta says her new hat design is “a little bit like a cowboy hat, it’s a little bit more casual, a little more conservative.”

Jett says she chose the “sisterhood” of hats because “you know the old country, but you don’t know the new.”

She said the idea for the hat came from her favorite style of hat, the hat that she wears to work.

“I was working at The Oscars, and they gave me a hat that I really liked,” she said.

“And I said, ‘I’m going to try this hat out and I’m going the hat, I’m not going to wear it at work.’

I said that to myself, ‘You know what, I need to try something new.'”

Jette’s “sisters” are Joan Jella, the singer and singer-actress who died in 2007; Jetta’s father, Joe; and her mother, Joanie.

The Jette sisters are often referred to as the “Jette sisters” by their fans.

They were all from New York, New York.

The sisters first started wearing hats at age 11, when Jetta was in elementary school.

Jella was wearing a white hat and Jetta, wearing a red hat.

But when Jette graduated from high school in 1981, she changed her style to a red-and-white hat.

In 1987, Jetta moved to Los Angeles and became a member of The Jetta Brothers Band.

Jelli and Jella are the only siblings on The Jettes new show.

Jie is the eldest of the sisters, and she says that her sisters are very close.

“The sisters love each other,” she says.

“They don’t have a bad word to say about each other.

They’re very friendly.

They love eachother.”

She says they love to sing together, and that they’re “fearless, confident and they’re just so talented.”

Jette is dressed in a white cowboy hat that is her favorite, but she has a red and white hat for her wardrobe.

(Jetta &amps; Jette)She also has a new style for her hat, which she calls a “sissy hat.”

“I’ve been wanting to make this hat a little less formal than the one I have now,” she explains.

“My favorite hats, for me, are the ones that have a little little more of a sissy edge to them.

I’m trying to take that back and make it more conservative and more modern.”

Jette says that while she still wears a white and red hat, she’s also starting to wear a red, black and white sissy hat for daytime appearances.

Jette says she doesn’t wear the sissy hats anymore because she “felt that it was more formal.”

She’s also been wearing the red, yellow and green hats that she uses on the radio.

“When you’re singing, it feels like you’re wearing a big hat, you’re dressed in all different colors, you have the sirens on your hat and it feels very formal,” she explained.

She also wears the green sissy, which is a hat with a small sissy that has been worn for more than a decade on her tour bus.

“It’s kind of my new, sissy style,” she added.

Jett says the hat has always been the “gold standard.”

“When I first got it, I used to wear that hat for everything,” she told ABC News.

“You know, I would go on stage and sing the song, and people would always ask me if I was wearing it.

I would say, ‘Oh yeah, I wear it every single day.'”

But Jett has been wearing it since 2011.

She says that “every time I take it off, it just takes away the confidence of what I do. It