How the Kardashians’ hat became the biggest meme of 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) If you’ve watched the Kardashian household since the start, you’ve probably seen at least one of these: The hat.

The hat of choice for the Kardashies.

The hats worn by the Kardashia clan, who live in Los Angeles, in their homes and on their public Instagrams.

It’s a popular choice in their Instagrams and on social media, where they frequently make jokes about their size and how many kids they have.

And, they’ve been seen as a perfect, all-American way to be.

“You can’t deny that,” says Michael Pareles, a professor at New York University and a frequent critic of the Kardashias.

“They’re a family that is, without question, very comfortable in their own skin.”

The Kardashians are famous for their public appearances, and in the years since their family’s debut, they have made frequent, provocative social media posts about what they look like.

They have, for instance, shared photos of their new, short-sleeve dress.

And they have regularly discussed their weight and weight loss, sometimes using hashtags like #myweight or #fitness.

They’ve also posted their family business in their posts and posted photos of themselves in their hats.

Now, they’re taking the hat a step further: They’ve created their own hat.

In their Instagram and Facebook pages, they now offer their own styles of hats for sale, and they’ve posted their new styles on Instagram and Instagram Stories.

The trend has been particularly popular among people with a certain style of “fit” — those who fit into the social media-focused category.

The Kardashias and other family members have become celebrities for many people who are not as naturally slender as they are.

A look at the Kardashian family, which includes Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Khloé.

Trending: Kanye West is ‘the new king of social media,’ says a man who is not Kanye West In a video posted on Instagram last week, the Kardashiams posed in their new hats.

They showed off the long sleeves of the hat, as well as the narrow-cut top, which is a more flattering look for people who fit the same size range as the Kardashions.

A photo of the new hat was shared on Instagram, with comments from fans.

The comments ranged from “This is what you wear to social media?,” to “I can’t wait for you to wear this to your next party.

The way you put the hat on is so fun and cute.”

Some even asked if the Kardashons would be interested in a career in fashion, as a role model for the young generation.

Some users even joked that the hat was the best thing they had ever worn.

“I have the worst taste in hats,” one woman said.

But a few people didn’t buy the hats, or at least they didn’t look at them.

A photo of a hat that was offered for sale on the Kardashian Family Instagram page, with a comment.

“They have a trend.

And that’s what they like,” Parels says.

People who know the Kardashines well say the hats were meant to be funny, not just a fashion statement.

“If you don’t like the hats or they’re not your style, then you’re going to have a hard time finding them,” Pameles says.

But others say the trend is not about fashion, and that it reflects the family’s true personality.

“People can see the family as a bunch of people who have really nice hats, and it’s a joke,” says Michelle, who has known the Kardashis for years.

The trend has gained popularity because it’s fun, but it’s also an attempt to get more attention for a Kardashian family that has been a target for criticism for years, and one that Parelas says “has a very negative image of itself.”

It’s not just about the hat.

Parelets, an assistant professor of social psychology at New Jersey’s Monmouth University, says the hats are just a way to sell a Kardashian’s personal brand.

They’re a way for people to recognize a Kardashian, or a family member, and get them to promote themselves, Parelis says.

It also serves as a social-media platform, he says, “so it’s not really a way of doing anything else but to sell something.”

“You can tell that they are not trying to sell themselves, they are trying to get people to look at their hat,” Paresles says of the Kardashian brothers.

“So it is a way that they can promote themselves to get publicity for themselves.”

A tweet from the Kardashian Facebook page.

Pareles says that the hats can also serve as a way, if a family members is unhappy with their weight or size, to let them know that they’ve got a