How Black Hat made money by selling hats with no logos

The Black Hat hacker collective has created a system that sells hats with the word “Black” in the middle of them.

The hats are priced at $49.99 each and are available on the Black Hat website, as well as through Amazon and eBay.

Black Hat’s website is the only place for the product to be sold.

The hats are the latest in a long line of hat sellers to attempt to evade laws meant to curb online piracy, with a handful of other companies doing the same.

One company, CyberCobra, made a similar move last year, and has also created a marketplace for pirated software.

Black Hat and CyberCobbra both claim that they don’t have a copyright in the Black hat logo, but Black Hat does.

But the Black Hats logo is in fact a trademark owned by CyberCoboars parent company, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which owns the Blackhat logo.

“Black Hat does not sell any unauthorized merchandise, but does provide a marketplace where customers can purchase Black Hat products,” the company said in a statement.

CyberCobras website does not mention that the logo was stolen, but it does say that it sells the BlackHat software “for personal use only.”

The site did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some people were upset about the Black hats sales, but others thought they were legit, and they bought them anyway.

A few Black Hat members have even written a book called “Black Hat: A History of the First Black Hat” on how to make money off of this theft.

And now, one of Black Hat’s own members has put his hat into the black, along with a message that the hat was stolen.