Hats from the Black Bucket Hat’s creator: Carhartt

A few years ago, Carhartts hat design had a very particular twist.

When the designer was in the process of designing a new black bucket hat, she wanted to make sure she had something that looked like a bucket.

So she got a couple of pieces from an old bucket hat and started making her own.

Carharttis designer, Harsha Shah, came up with the idea for the Black Duck.

Harsha’s Black Duck was the first ever hat made by a man from India.

It was made with a traditional cotton material that was originally from the Andaman Islands.

Carrettts co-founder, Kunal Sharma, said, “Harshi’s bucket hat is the result of a lot of hard work, passion and sweat.”

The hat is based on the Black Buckets design.

The hat comes in three different colours.

Carleyt’s original black bucket design is also made with the Black Duck material.

The hat was released in November last year and sold out quickly.

CarHartt hats were also available in different sizes, from men’s to women’s.

Carrytht also offered a Black Bucket hat for sale in the US.

The Black Duck hat has become popular for men who want to wear the Black bucket hat without the hat.

Carhartt, a textile company, is a global leader in the field of textile manufacturing.

The company has produced a number of hats over the years, and the Black duck hat is one of the few.

The original Black Duck design is still available for purchase.