Fez hat: Jordan hat, Bowler hat go on sale to coincide with Jordan’s trip to Ohio

FEZ HAT is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and the brand has teamed up with Jordan Hat for a limited edition item, the Jordan Hat Bowling Jacket.

The jacket is a collaboration between the Jordan hat brand and the company’s Bowling and Bowling Lounge in Cleveland.

“We’re excited to have Jordan Hat bowling as a part of our signature collection and the Jordan hats and Bowling lounge are perfect for those who want to experience the excitement of bowling,” said Jordan Hat brand senior vice president Michael Lappe.

The Jordan Hat Bowl Jacket is available now for $59.95 at Jordan Hat and is available on the JordanHat.com website and at Bowling and & Bowling Lounge stores nationwide.

The jackets are the latest in a string of Jordan Hat releases.

Jordan Hat also launched the Jordan Headwear line, which is available in a range of styles and colors.

“Jordan Headwear is our way of honoring the Jordan brand and its legendary players,” said John Deitch, Jordan Hat senior vice chairman and chief operating officer.

“The Jordan Hat team will continue to bring new and exciting Jordan Headgear styles to our loyal Jordan Hat customer base.”

The Jordan Headdress collection includes a Jordan Hat Headband, a Jordan Headband Hat, a Classic Jordan Head Dress, a Limited Edition Jordan Head Headband Shower Cap, and a Jordan Helmet.