Dr. Suess hat to be added to the list of hats to scrub

The American Medical Association has announced a move to ban “carpetbagging” and “sweeping” hats.

The AMA’s announcement comes in response to a growing backlash against the new trend of “sweepable” hats, which allow people to remove a hat from their head with a cloth.

This trend is particularly prevalent among men who wear head wraps.

“Sweepable hats are becoming a growing trend in the U.S. and worldwide,” the AMA’s statement reads.

“Carpetbaggers, who wear blankets to cover their heads in order to conceal their facial hair, are not only irritating and dangerous, but they also pose a health hazard.”

The AMA is also urging all parents to make sure their children are “up to date on the latest information about these products, as well as how to prevent their use.”

The statement does not say whether the hats will be allowed in the workplace.

The U.K. also announced a ban on the trend in May.

It has since removed the ban, but the country is still a long way from banning the trend.

 HAT IS STILL A THING  In a statement released Thursday, the American Cancer Society said that the hat “is still a thing, even after years of efforts to stop it.”

The organization noted that its Hat Awareness Month is “not just a celebration of hats and their importance to American families but an opportunity to highlight the harmful health effects of their use in a way that is both educational and empowers our community.”

The Hat Awareness Day is a yearly event that celebrates hats and hats are still a health issue.

In 2016, the association also released a statement calling for a national “sweeps” program to prevent the spread of coronavirus.