A video of Israeli soldier firing rubber bullets at Palestinian protesters

By Tzachi HanegbiIn a video posted online, a soldier can be seen firing rubber-coated bullets at Palestinians.

In the video, the soldier can also be heard saying, “You are a terrorist and you will die for it.”

The video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday and has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

It has been widely shared and shared by Israeli officials.

HanegBi posted the video on his Facebook page on Thursday, and the video was shared by many Israeli officials on social media.

On Thursday, a video showing a soldier firing live ammunition at Palestinians was shared on social networks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The video shows an IDF soldier firing a live bullet into a crowd of demonstrators on a hilltop in the occupied West Bank on January 25.

A video posted on Wednesday shows the same soldier firing into a Palestinian demonstrator’s chest.

The soldier was seen wearing a white mask.

Israeli officials have blamed Palestinian militants for the violence.

On Wednesday, Israeli police said a soldier fired live ammunition into a demonstrator near the Gaza border, wounding him.

The soldier is not believed to have been killed.