‘You don’t get to be president of the United States’ for a month

President Donald Trump has a new nickname: “The hat.”

It’s the first time in his adult life that he’s used the moniker in public and his critics say he’s using it to mask his political ignorance.

Here are five things to know about the nickname, which Trump uses in a tweet to bash a local news outlet, the Associated Press reported Thursday.1.

Why is the nickname a hat?

The nickname originated with an anti-Nazi protest in Washington, D.C., in August 1944.

It was a reference to the hat that the Nazis wore in World War II, which was also a symbol of resistance to the Nazis, the AP reported.

It also has been popularized by former President Ronald Reagan, who once called it “a symbol of the American people’s determination to resist the fascist forces in Europe.”2.

What does “the hat” mean?

“The Hat” is a slang term for a hat or hood.

The word was coined in 1920 by the British journalist and social activist David McCullough.

McCullough, whose writings were used by American conservatives during the McCarthy era, coined the term as a way to describe a person with a certain political or social affiliation.3.

What are the other political nicknames that Trump has adopted?

One of the first political nicknoms was the “Pentagon hat,” which was a nod to the American military.

Another is the “Tiger hat,” a reference a symbol worn by members of the National Guard.

And the most famous of the political nicknamers is the name “Buckley.”

A third political nickname that Trump adopted was the slogan “Trump, you’re fired,” which has become a popular slogan for his rallies.4.

Who’s behind the “the hats”?

The name originated with a group of men in Washington state who wore white-bordered hats and were protesting the United Nations.

The group wore a giant American flag on a giant black bun and shouted “Fire!” as they stood in front of the UN headquarters in New York City.

They then called the UN’s headquarters, and in the process, the flag was destroyed, according to the AP.5.

What’s the political significance of the term “the Hat”?

In the United Kingdom, the term is often used in reference to an image of the president or a politician wearing a hat.

The American version of the name, which comes from the U.K. political and social establishment, is “the british flag,” according to Wikipedia.