Which players should Dallas Cowboys fans wear to the game?

There are some pretty good options when it comes to football apparel, with plenty of players wearing hats or jerseys to the Cowboys’ preseason opener on Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

But the Dallas Cowboys will have a tough time fitting in with a lot of other players wearing helmets or pads in the regular season.

Here are our top picks for the Dallas Mavericks’ players wearing their official hats and pads.1.

Terrance Knighton Dallas Mavericks jersey No. 1.

The Dallas Mavericks star has been wearing his official Dallas Cowboys gear to games since 2008, when he was a rookie.

Since then, he has worn the jersey number 3, a nod to his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was the defending NBA champions in 2011.

The team’s jersey number 2, however, was retired in 2013.2.

Brandon Marshall Dallas Mavericks cap No. 2.

The former Detroit Lions cornerback wears a black cap with a “M” for his hometown, Detroit, and a “S” for the Detroit Lions.

The “M,” which is a nod for his parents, stands for the team’s current nickname.3.

DeMarcus Cousins Dallas Mavericks helmet No. 3.

The Sacramento Kings star has worn his jersey number 1 for the past six seasons.

Since 2011, Cousins has worn a number 3 jersey with his old team the Sacramento Kings, which stands for their current nickname, the Kings.4.

J.J. Barea Dallas Mavericks shirt No. 4.

The Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle has worn Dallas Mavericks jerseys in two different styles since 2011, when his first Dallas Cowboys jersey was retired.5.

Brandon Bass Dallas Mavericks jacket No. 5.

Bass wears his Dallas Mavericks logo on the front of his jersey, as well as the number 3 and 4.

His jersey number 6, however is retired.6.

Eric Berry Dallas Mavericks hat No. 6.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard has worn Cowboys jerseys since 2008.7.

Josh Howard Dallas Mavericks shoulder pads No. 7.

The Houston Rockets guard wears his Cowboys jersey number 7, a tribute to the team he grew up rooting for, the Dallas Texans, which is now known as the Houston Texans.8.

Devin Harris Dallas Mavericks socks No. 8.

The Green Bay Packers receiver wears a Dallas Cowboys helmet number 9, which represents the number of the current team, which also happens to be the current number of his father, former NFL quarterback Troy Harris.9.

Jermaine O’Neal Dallas Mavericks boots No. 9.

The Baltimore Ravens running back has worn one Dallas Mavericks shoe number 10, which references his father’s number.10.

DeAndre Jordan Dallas Mavericks pants No. 10.

The Washington Redskins receiver wears his jersey numbers 2 and 9, representing the current teams.11.

Jared Cook Dallas Mavericks shorts No. 11.

The Arizona Cardinals receiver wears an official Dallas Mavericks basketball uniform number 1, a reference to his team, Arizona Cardinals, which has been the current NFL team since 2007.12.

Dontrelle Inman Dallas Mavericks shirts No. 12.

The Philadelphia Eagles receiver wears Dallas Mavericks number 12, which means he’s wearing his first official Dallas Dallas Cowboys uniform.13.

Dez Bryant Dallas Mavericks shoes No. 13.

The New York Jets receiver wears Cowboys number 13, which honors his father.14.

DeMarco Murray Dallas Mavericks gloves No. 14.

The Chicago Bears receiver wears the official Dallas Maverick gloves, a homage to his father and former Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips.15.

Brandon Brooks Dallas Mavericks headgear No. 15.

The Carolina Panthers wide receiver wears Jones-Hare Stadium No. 30, which he’s worn in every preseason game since 2007, including last year’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.16.

Jared Odrick Dallas Mavericks earrings No. 16.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver, who has worn an official Cowboys helmet since 2013, wears a Jones-Hawley No. 20.17.

Terrell Owens Dallas Mavericks cleats No. 17.

The Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver wearing an official jersey number 17, a symbol of his hometown Jacksonville, Florida, which recently became the first U.S. city to approve a gay marriage ban.18.

Tyreek Hill Dallas Mavericks sweater No. 18.

The Cleveland Browns running back wears a Cowboys jersey from their 2009 season, which includes a number 20, a direct nod to the number 20 Cowboys.19.

DeShawn Shead Dallas Mavericks scarf No. 19.

The St. Louis Rams running back, who wore an official helmet number 20 from 2008-10, wears an unofficial Dallas Cowboys scarf number 19, which commemorates the current franchise, the St. Vincent Clippers.20.

Devante Parker Dallas Mavericks hoodie No. 21.

The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver wore a Cowboys hat number 21, which symbolizes his father Peyton Manning’s No. 22 jersey number.21.

DeSean Jackson Dallas Mavericks jeans No. 23.

The Seattle Seahawks receiver wears one of his own Cowboys numbers,