When you’re a man, you’re only half a man

A new survey finds that men tend to wear shorter haircuts when they play golf.

But what about a man wearing a golf hat?

The survey, carried out by the National Golf Research Centre (NGR), a government-funded organisation, found that men generally prefer shorter haircues.

It was found that golfers preferred a “soft, feminine” haircut when they played golf, with a medium or a loose-cut being preferred.

The survey also found that when golfers wore a golf shirt, they preferred the collar to the back of the shirt.

“When wearing a shirt with a collar, the golf shirt has to be longer than the tee, and the golfer can’t get the shirt across the top of the collar,” NGR’s deputy director, Rohan Dube said.

“The shirt has the best of both worlds because the collar makes it easy to wear, while the tee gives the golmer a bit of a lift, without being too much.”

Dr Dube’s study was published in the journal Golf Research & Practice.

While women were more likely to play golf if they were wearing a sports shirt, golfers were less likely to do so if they wore a sports hat.

In fact, the NGR found that while golfers generally preferred a collar shirt when playing, a golf-playing woman was more likely than a golfing man to wear a casual shirt when wearing a tee shirt.

The survey was conducted between September 2016 and March 2017.