What to wear to a Kentucky Derby hat event

Posted November 10, 2018 05:04:00 A Kentucky Derby is coming to Kentucky on Saturday.

A lot of people are planning on attending and some are going to be wearing their Kentucky Derby hats, but it’s not just the hats.

Kentucky Derby season ticket holders can also get to the event and have a chance to wear a Kentucky derby hat.

The hat will be offered at the event as a separate ticket.

The Kentucky Derby, held every July in Louisville, has become a tradition for some.

But this year it’s even more of a tradition than last year, when the hat was only available for purchase.

Ticket holders can get to and attend the event for free by visiting kentuckysdirtheday.com.

“We are going out to get a hat, and it’s going to cost you $25,” said Craig Dutton, a Kentucky fan who lives in the town of Bowling Green.

Some people in Kentucky are going even further. “

It is going to give you an opportunity to go to the derby with a hat.”

Some people in Kentucky are going even further.

A group of fans from Bowling Green has started a petition to raise $100,000 for the Kentucky Derby in a week, hoping that fans from around the state will show up and donate a piece of their $1,000 ticket purchase.

The Louisville Derby, which is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m.

Saturday, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 14.

There are also other Derby events in Kentucky, including a Kentucky State Fair, Kentucky’s annual Halloween parade, and Kentucky’s homecoming.

The goal of the Kentucky State Derby is to help fund Kentucky’s medical research and education.