The Prada bucket-hat meme and its ‘sham’ origin

By By Emily Fagan – 1 January 2018, 12:08:21Z The Pradaparamam (P) store in Bengaluru.

(Photo: Pradip Sreenivasan)The Prada-hat phenomenon has come to prominence in the last few years as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Prada brand.

The phenomenon, which started in 2014, has now spread across India, with people often sporting the bucket-like hats on their head in the hope of raising awareness about the brand and its charitable works.

The Pradeparamam store in the city’s Gautam Budh Nagar has become a place where people wear Prada hats to mark the brand’s 50th birthday.

The trend is part of the “sham” marketing campaign, which was developed to boost the brand image and boost sales, said Sreenivasa Rao, managing director of the Gautamburam branch of the company.

“I don’t think people realise that it’s a sham.

This is a genuine campaign.

The P was a genuine brand that has been there for 50 years.

So we thought, why not try to promote this brand?

So we started the ‘P-Sham’ campaign in the Gautsamburams.

It has gone viral.

People wear the hats and people buy Prada bags,” said Rao.

The ‘shams’ campaign, started in 2017, was a partnership between the Gwalior and the Bengaluru branch of PDR, Praduprasad Nair, vice-president of marketing at Pradapo, told Al Jazeera.

“We started it in Gwaloria and it was really popular in Bengaluras last two years.

It was a big success,” Nair said.”

A lot of people are seeing it.

It’s not a scam, it’s just a marketing ploy to get people to buy Pradaps products,” he added.

The PDR brand is the flagship brand of the multinational Pradam, which has grown exponentially over the last 50 years in India and has earned the title of the world’s biggest retail company.

Pradapramam is known for its stylish, well-made, high-end and stylish bags and accessories.

Prada was born in 1920, when the Pradas brothers, brothers of the brothers-in-law of the family, who had earlier worked in a teak factory in Bengal, moved to the city to start a family business.

It started selling clothing, footwear and other fashion items.

Pradampar is one of the most successful brands of the past 50 years and is known as the quintessential luxury brand.

In the past decade, Prada has grown to be the world leader in fashion, fashion accessories and luxury goods, making it the world largest luxury brand by market value.