Running the hat: Irish women race to be world champions

Running the hound for the Irish women’s running team in London was not easy for anyone.

In fact, it was one of the toughest, most stressful times of my life.

I was a little girl.

I had a lot of friends, but the only people I knew were my parents.

I was the only one I could talk to.

I didn’t have the language, the knowledge or the ability to explain what I was feeling.

It was overwhelming.

In a country where people love running, you are in a special position to be able to be an inspiration to other runners.

The women were so confident they knew they were going to win the world title. 

It was a big honour.

The Dubliner’s Irish team was a mix of all races.

They were all running the same race and competing in the same city. 

The team had only been together for three months, but that was enough time for them to build the confidence needed to run in the London Olympics.

But as they came into the starting blocks in the first half, I could see they were nervous. 

I started to feel like they were just going to be there and waiting for me, and I didn´t want that.

They had been training hard and competing so hard all week, so they knew what was coming.

I knew I had to be aggressive, and in the second half, when I realised they were running in the final, I knew I was ready.

It was like being on the field with my family.

My mum was the first to be in the starting line, with her children.

The rest of the team, all of them, went in after her, too. 

Afterwards, I thought: This is going to work.

I could do this.

I had the feeling of being in the front row.

They all felt the same way, too, I was a bit nervous.

But I didn`t have to be.

I just had to let go.

I ran out and I ran into them, and it felt like the moment I got out of the car, they were on the ground.

It felt like I had made it.

I felt so proud of myself.

I thought I had won the first medal of my career.

Then I felt like, wow, this is a new one for me.

It took a little while for me to think about what that means. 

When you go to the end of a race and say, ‘That was a great race’, you are going to feel happy, but you can’t put your finger on it. 

What really mattered to me was the moment they got off the ground and I realised that the medal was mine. 

There were tears and there were hugs and there was the sense of achievement that you have been waiting for.

I have to say, that was a really big moment for me in my life because I knew that I had been dreaming about that medal for so long. 

For me, it felt amazing to finally do it, and also it was something I had wanted to do for so many years. 

Being part of that team was the highlight of my training.

I wanted to be the best.

I wanted to go out there and win it all, and to be proud of it.

It felt like a huge moment, and the next time I see it, it will be in my mind for the rest of my days.