Nike’s ‘Nike+’ to get its own smartphone app

By now, the rumors have reached the mainstream and the launch of the Nike+ app has been rumored to be imminent.

Today, the company announced that the app will launch on Apple Watch in the next few weeks, and it will have “a built-in Nike+ feature.”

The app will be available to anyone who has a Nike+ membership in the Apple Watch app store, so that they can use it as a “digital companion.”

The Nike+ team said the app should also work with the new Nike+ watch bands and “bring new ways to connect to Nike+ for more than just sports.”

The new Nike+.

will also include a number of new features that will “enable people to connect more directly with Nike+,” including the ability to “share and collaborate on your favorite Nike+ stories” and “see what Nike+ followers have to say about you and your Nike+ experience.”

The new NikePlus app will also offer a number new features, including the integration of Nike+’s popular Nike+ App with the Nike Plus+ platform, as well as the ability for Nike+ members to share and collaborate with Nike+.

It’s clear that Nike+ has a great deal of potential, and while it might not be the next big thing for the sportswear giant, it certainly seems like a great way to get involved in Nike+ as it gets closer to launch.

It’s also nice to see that the company is finally bringing some of its best and most loyal fans along for the ride.