How the MLB got its own uniform in 2016

With the MLB season about to begin, MLB teams are getting ready to take the field on Thursday.

The first batch of MLB players are headed to a training camp in Florida to get some first-hand experience.

As the team previews their uniforms, here are a few things you should know about their uniforms.

What you need to know about Major League Baseball uniformsMajor League Baseball teams have been known to change uniforms in the past.

But this is the first time MLB has done so in its history.

It marks the first major league team to use its own uniforms.

In the past, teams have worn uniforms made by Adidas or Reebok.

However, with the proliferation of online stores, teams are now looking to have their own uniforms in-house.

In the past few years, the teams have also added their own gear, including hats, gloves and boots.

In 2016, the Houston Astros had a pair of red-and-white jerseys with a pair in white that was supposed to go on sale in 2019.

But when the team’s jerseys were announced, the team had a different color scheme, with a red-on-black color scheme instead.

The Dodgers have a pair with a white background, and the Texas Rangers have one with a yellow background.

The New York Yankees have a black helmet and a yellow visor, but the team has not revealed any details about the color scheme.