Bitter rivalry intensifies as Alberta farmers sue Alberta over pork pie hats

A bitter rivalry between Alberta’s two biggest grain producers has flared up again.

In October 2016, two farmers in Alberta sued the province for banning them from selling pork pies.

The Alberta Farm Bureau said the ban had been a violation of the province’s “Pork Pie Protection Act.”

A lawsuit filed in January 2018 says the Alberta government did not act appropriately when it took action to reinstate the ban.

The province has not responded to the lawsuit, but the provincial Agriculture Minister told the National Post in August that the ban was “a good rule and we’re not going to be going back on it.”

In November 2018, the Alberta Pork Producers Association filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two farmers and several of their families, saying the province was “in breach of its obligation” under the federal Pork Protection Act.

The farmers argue the ban violates the right to privacy and the right of farmers to be able to sell their products, including pork pies, to consumers in Canada.

They also say the province is violating federal food safety regulations by restricting the availability of pork pies for sale in supermarkets and in retail outlets.

The two farmers said they had sold more than a million pork pies in Alberta in 2016, making it the largest producer of the popular dish.

The new lawsuit says the province has been “unreasonable” in restricting the supply of pork pie.

The lawsuit seeks a court order that the province reinstate their ban.