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BOBBIE HAT, FLORIDA — President Donald Trump’s first visit to Florida, a battleground state that he won by a landslide in 2016, has been a rocky one.

The president has had some success with the state during his first months in office, including with its economic recovery.

The White House said Friday that Mr. Trump plans to visit the state Saturday for a meeting with Florida Gov.

Rick Scott and the state’s two Democratic senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.

But the president has struggled to gain traction with the voters in the state, and many voters don’t like him or his economic policies.

The state is expected to host the Democratic National Convention later this month, and Mr. Scott and Mr., Nelson have criticized Mr.

Trump for not meeting with them.

Mr. Rubio has said he hopes to work with Mr.

Scott and Mr, Nelson on his state budget, which he has vowed to put before the Legislature next year.

Republicans in Florida, which voted heavily for Mr. Obama in 2016 and is home to the University of Florida, have been trying to persuade Mr. and Mrs. Trump to work together, but have had to navigate tough issues with the GOP.

Mr Trump has taken the position that he wants to work within the Republican Party.