Which Dodgers hat will you wear this season?

With the 2017 MLB season on the horizon, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Dodgers.

As the season draws closer, the question of which hat will be worn is getting more difficult.

As it turns out, the team is currently planning to wear a few hats that have been worn by the Dodgers since the 1930s.

According to a report from ESPN, the Dodgers will wear a white hat during this season that was worn by Joe DiMaggio in 1928 and 1936.

The Dodgers’ first hat of the day was worn in 1929, when the team wore a white cap with a white, blue, and green hat.

The team’s first hat was a blue and red cap that was used during World War II.

It was worn during the 1948 season.

The Dodgers have also worn blue and gold hats that were worn during World Cup Games in 1947 and 1947-48.

The teams last hat was worn at the 1946 World Series, when it was worn for the Dodgers’ victory in the game.

The last hat worn by a Dodgers player is actually a replica.

Dodgers pitcher Johnny Evers wore the hat during his first career start.