What is the best hat for nerds?

It’s the summer of ’77.

My friend and I have been playing a game called Scrabble for a few months.

We’re not sure if it’s supposed to be fun or not, but it’s not hard to tell.

Ikea’s Bucket Hat has always been a favorite of mine.

In the past few years, I’ve worn the hat with varying degrees of success, including a few times at a Halloween party.

And it’s one of the most iconic hats on the planet.

It’s made of recycled plastic and has a distinctive shape, which I love.

And of course, it’s just plain fun to wear.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween hat designs.

A hat that will make you feel like a pirate on Halloween, even if you’re not one.

And I’ll bet you love the name.

It means “I Hate You” on one side and “I Love You on the other.

The word “I” is just one of those cool and clever little letters.

This hat would make you want to wear it every time you go out and party.

I’ve even had a couple of friends wear it.

But the hat is not without its critics.

The hat can be a little messy and can be quite bulky, which is something you might not like.

And the hat can become an obstacle to decorating, as you don’t want to break it.

Still, the hat has become my favorite of the Halloween costumes.

I don’t think it’s a bad hat, but I also think that it’s too big and can get a little annoying when you’re out and about.

It might make you uncomfortable to wear at parties or at home.

So the hat might not be the best choice for you.

But if you like it and you love scuba diving, then I think this hat is for you!

It’s definitely a fun costume, but you can’t beat the sound of the pirate music playing.

You’ll just want to get out there and dive with your friends and dive in the ocean.

But that’s a story for another time.

The next time you get a chance to wear this hat, you’ll know why it’s such a popular costume.