Wearing a witch hat makes a man ‘really, really hot’

The head of the Scottish Women’s Sports Foundation says it makes a great hat for men who want to get out of the house, or to get a little exercise.

The witch hat, which has a hood and a brim with a slit for eyes, was designed by a company in Finland.

It’s the latest in a growing trend of hat-wearing for men.

Wearing a hat to get exercise and socialising is a big trend, and it has even been embraced by men in the workplace.

Its not about showing off, the head of The Scottish Women Sports Foundation said.

‘It’s a great way to get the whole family together, it keeps you warm and dry and has a great feel.’

It comes with a hood, and a slit at the back, to allow you to wear it while outside.

In a country where women earn less than men, it’s a much more affordable option.

More than 80 per cent of men in Scotland say they wear a witch-hat at least once a month, according to a recent survey from the Women’s Foundation.

They are popular among men in Northern Ireland and Wales, who are among the most physically demanding countries in the world.

Scottish Women’s Sport Foundation’s director, Kate Walker, said the hats are a way for men to get in shape.

“It is a great investment in your wardrobe, you get a nice winter hat, and you can get away from the house for a bit,” she said.

“They can also be worn outside on the grass, which is an option as well.”

The head of Women’s Scottish Sport said it was about having fun and socializing.

“For many men, they wear their witches hats for socialising and having a good time.

It’s an awesome way to warm up before the big day,” she added.

A similar product is already available in Britain, but the UK’s Women’s Wear Daily says the witches hats can only be bought in shops, and not online.

I think the ladies have a bit of a problem with the witches and their hat, said Lauren Hulme, the managing editor of the newspaper.

She said it had not been a big success in Scotland, with the hat often making the wearer feel “like a naughty boy”.

“Women are going to the shops because they want to wear their hats.

I don’t think they want the witch hat.”

But women do wear hats in other places where they do want to show off.

“Walker said the popularity of the hat is partly down to its appearance, which was unique to the UK.

Women wearing witches hats will usually not be seen in public.

Walker added: “You might think the witches are very intimidating, but they are not.

People might have a problem putting their head above the parapet because they don’t want to be seen.

“Ahead of the UK Olympics, a survey found that 80 per 10 women said they would wear a hat at least one time a week.