I don’t know if you’re a beret hat fan but you have to have one

By Kate McNeil-Fernandez, Newsday title If you love a baht hat, then you have a right to be one article As the winter cold sets in, I’m sure a few of you have already decided to take advantage of the warm weather by making your own beanie, or “beret”, hat.

There’s nothing more Canadian than a baltic hat, so why not put a little fun into your outfit?

I’m going to try my hand at making a pair of the new Beret hat from the popular Canadian brand Men’s Beanie, which is now available in many Canadian stores.

I’m not a big fan of baltics or baltiscans but the design is fun and has a cute feel to it.

This beanie has the perfect pattern on the front, and I think you’ll be able to wear it anytime you feel like it.

You can also choose to wear a custom-made Beret shirt, which will be a great addition to any outfit.

Men’s beanie is available in over 150 Canadian stores, including Men’s Clothing Stores, Woolworths, and many other retailers.

For a list of the stores where Men’s Beret Beanie can be purchased, visit the Canadian retailers website.

I love the design, and it will definitely be a nice addition to my wardrobe when the cold hits.

Enjoy your winter in style, Kate!

Top image: Women’s Beady Beret, Men’s Beansource: Men’s Shop, Men & Sons, Men, & Sons and other brands on the Men’sShop.ca website.